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Foot Detox bath with Far Infrared Therapy $40

This is another way to assist the body in detoxification.  During the 30 minute session, your feet rest comfortably in a basin of warm water.  It works by using a very small electric current to ionize the water in the basin. This has many beneficial effects.  Most foot detox users feel healthier and more energized after just one session, but additional benefits come from doing a series of 6-10 sessions.  During your 30 minute session, a comfortable, padded Far Infrared belt is wrapped around your waist.  This facilitates the circulatory and lymphatic benefits of the Foot Detox process as it increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

In a survey done last year, 126 ionic foot detox clients were asked about specific health benefits from using the foot detox bath.  Noted benefits included:

Pain relief
Increased energy
Improved sleep
Improved digestion
Improved circulation
Reduced weight
Improved skin complexion
Improvement in mood and attitude

For more details about this survey, check out www.Healthandmed.com/t-dtox.aspx

Reported benefits from Far Infrared Therapy include:

Increased blood flow
Assisting the resolution of inflammation and edema
Relief of muscle pain and spasms
Decreased joint stiffness and pain
Help regenerate soft tissues after injury




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