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Elite Salon and Spa Services


There are many styles of Therapeutic Massage offered at Elite Salon and Spa. All massage therapists on staff are experienced, and licensed in Virginia, as well as nationally certified. Each session is a custom-designed event, based upon the needs and preferences of the client. Clients may request that a particular style be used primarily or  exclusively.

Swedish Massage (60 minutes) $70

Swedish massage has long been a welcome source of comfort and relief for body and mind. Swedish massage can be done with light, moderate, or deep pressure. Its focus is on increasing circulation and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) $80

Deep Tissue Massage uses a combination of styles including Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Trigger Point work to address holding patterns in muscle and connective tissue.  Although the deeper pressure used with this technique can bring with it some discomfort, feedback from the client assures that the therapist’s pressure does not go beyond the “hurts good” range.

Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes) $80

Hot Stone Massage uses smooth stones that have been heated in water, bringing penetrating heat into the muscles.  The stones are used to provide a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, releasing deep seated muscular tension and stress. Using hot stones adds to the circulation-improving effects of Swedish massage, and allows Deep Tissue effects to be achieved with greater comfort and relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage (60 minutes) $70

Massage for the expectant mother, focusing on her special needs, especially welcome at this time of major body changes! It is also very helpful for the developing baby, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen as the mother’s circulation is increased.  As Mom relaxes, the positive changes in her biochemistry also have beneficial effects for the baby.



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